Sinking My Anchor

Life is a raging sea,
waves rolling and crashing,
on the side of this vessel,
violently smashing.
Currents fighting to pull,
to pull in their direction,
a direction I need not go.
I need protection.
So I sink my anchor,
sinking it deep.
Sinking it deep into Jesus,
for my soul He will keep,
safe from the violent waves,
waves rolling and crashing.
He’ll keep my soul,
as those waves keep smashing.
Protecting me from the currents.
Through Him I resist their direction.
In Him I find rest.
He is my protection.

~Matthew Wynne~


Words on a Page

A Finale to National Poetry Writing Month

Striving to put words on a page
the Bible has stood as my sage
as I’ve tied myself to it’s authority
only desiring to make much of the Trinity
that Holy communal three-in-one
Father, Spirit, and the Son.
Writing because of what they’ve achieved.
Since through their communal efforts redemption I’ve received.

~Matthew Wynne~

Fundamental Madness

Fundamental madness,
is the root of the human condition.
As we constantly deny,
our Creator His rightful position.
Yet, Jesus is the tonic,
that cures this mental state that ails us.
Replacing faulty hearts,
With new ones as the Holy Spirit fills us.
If only we will place our gaze,
On the bright & blazing Son.
And put our hope in the work,
that by grace He has done.

~Matthew Wynne~