Exploring the Depths of Scripture

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I have been pondering the idea of “Gospel fluency” for some time now as the idea of being fluent in our thinking and speaking about the Gospel has absolutely griped my heart.  Consequently, I have written several posts on the subject and if you find the time I’d love for you to check them out as well.  The first two were “Be Prepared” & “Fluency”.  Both posts set up the idea of where I am coming from on the matter.  The next two have been an attempt to flesh out how I believe we can become “fluent” in the Gospel.  “Prepare To Dive” emphasized  the importance of studying the Bible as a whole.  By contrast, “Packing For A Journey” looked at the much more focused method of Scripture memorization.  Today, I want to point out yet a third way to study and internalize the Bible.  While much more focused than whole Bible study, it is more broad than Scripture memorization.  However, I believe that without this third form of Bible study Scripture memorization will not be nearly as productive.  The method I am referring to is the study of individual books or passages and the idea is to COMPLETELY immerse yourself in them.

As with anything else to get the most out of this type of Bible study we need a plan, or process if you will.  In attempt to not get too long winded 🙂 I would simply like to suggest five basic questions to ask yourself as you embark on this particular type of study.

  1. What were the specific circumstances that surrounded the passage in question?
  2. What was the “human” author trying to communicate to the original audience addressed?
  3. What does the passage reveal about God?
  4. Based on the first three questions, what does the passage mean for the society in which you live?  OR, what are the universal truths found in the passage?
  5. How does this passage specifically relate to you as an individual?

While there are many other questions that can be asked when looking at a particular passage in depth, I believe these five serve to form a good foundation for understanding what it is that the passage is all about.  Again, the point is to immerse yourself in it.  Of course, it is assumed that these five questions should be surrounded by prayer, which I plan to address further in a future post.

As I said in “Prepare To Dive” the order in which I have presented these methods of Gospel immersion does not represent any sort of hierarchy of importance.  They are merely individual methods of understanding who God is and what He has done in a greater way.  They are all important in their own right.  In fact, I believe that when used together they fit  like puzzle pieces in the development of a more complete “Gospel Fluency”.


4 responses to “Exploring the Depths of Scripture

  1. Good instructions for studying the Word. If all Christians read, studied, and memorized scripture the world would be a better place. We would all be living more like Christ and impacting the world so much more. The Holy Spirit could have access to more scripture in our heads to help lead us through this difficult world. Thank you for focusing on the Word and how to get in to it with your blog posts.

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