A Compass That Needs Correction


image by Roland Urbanek via Flikr

What does it take to become “fluent” in our thinking and speaking about the Gospel?  That is the question I’ve been blogging about for the past several weeks via “Be Prepared”, “Fluency”, “Prepare to Dive”, “Packing for a Journey,” & “Exploring the Depths of Scripture”.  The answer that I’ve arrived at is that it takes immersing ourselves in it.  But what exactly does it mean to immerse ourselves in it?  So far, I have focused on immersion through Bible study.  What I have suggested is that we need to study the Bible in many different ways in order to see God’s Word from many different angles.

Yet, reading the Bible alone will not transform our hearts.  In fact, we can not even assume that spending time in it every day will allow us to draw the right conclusions about what we find in our studies.  Why?  Because our spiritual compass is broken!  The problem is that our magnetic needle always points to ourselves, and a broken compass is a recipe for disaster.  So what do we do?  The answer is found in words by Richard Foster.

“Prayer gets us in touch with God, causing us to swing like a needle to the pole of the Spirit.  It gives us focus, unity, and purpose.” – Richard Foster

TRUE wisdom is found only in the Spirit, and prayer is our direct link to that wisdom.  Let me put it another way.  The Bible is all about God and what He has been doing throughout history.  The same is true of our lives today.  Life, when lived as we were designed to live, is all about God.  It is all for His Glory!  Therefore, it is only when our magnetic needle points to true north that our spiritual compass works correctly.


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