The Meaning of Life

Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.

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What is the meaning of life?  That is the number one question man has wrestled with throughout history.  Over the years philosophers have contemplated this question and come to many different conclusions that run the spectrum.  While some have suggested that it is the search knowledge, others have said that it is a quest for virtue.  Some have said that life’s ultimate goal is to find happiness and some have offered the idea that it is to seek harmony with the universe.  However, the mere fact that they contemplated the question at all implies that these philosophers did at least agree that there is indeed an answer.

Interestingly enough while all of these thinkers sought to answer the same philosophical question, their answers all share a common philosophical problem.  What’s the problem?  The problem is that none of their answers deal with an idea of origin.  In other words, to define what life is about, you first need to define where it came from.  That is just the first half of the equation though.  The second half is to define where we are going.  Unfortunately, while their answers do have some forward motion they are ultimately short sited in that area as well.

Let’s  jump forward to today.  I would argue that our modern day philosophers have become scientists to a large degree.  There are other philosophers as well, however  scientists seem to be carrying a lot of weight in the philosophical dialogue as of late.  Scientists have made it their mission to answer the question of origin and they are arguing, very strongly I might add, that life as we know it is merely a cosmic coincidence.  I heard one scientist actually say that all life as we know it came to be by chance.  Now if we follow this line of thought we can no longer assume that there is any meaning to life at all, for what has happened by chance ultimately has no purpose.  YIKES!!!  That’s a really scary thought.

As I said before there are other philosophers in our society as well and it would seem that the most common view that has been put forth in our day is postmodernism.  It should be no surprise that the postmodern mind set is very much in step with the ideas of the scientists.  Postmodernism deals with the idea that their are no absolutes.  Everyone is free to come to their own conclusions on any an every situation.  The only rule of thumb seems to be that an individuals actions should not upset the”herd” of society.  Do you see how the ideas match up?  If we came to be by chance we have no purpose.  If we have no purpose there are no absolutes and we are free to come up with our own morals.  I don’t know about you but I find that to be a depressing thought.

Here’s the good news.  While philosophers have never been able to give an adequate answer in regards to the meaning of life, the Bible does.  It answers the question of origin and purpose.  In fact, right from the very beginning the Bible tells us that everything that is came to be by the creation of the Lord Almighty, our Heavenly Father.  It also tells us that we were created for worship.  We were created to walk in fellowship with God, and to glorify Him.  Unfortunately, as result of  the first sin committed by Adam and Eve our relationship with God was broken and as sinners we cannot fulfill our divine purpose.  Yet, because of His AMAZING love He has provided a path of restoration.   Through the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ their is the possibility of renewed fellowship with God, if we choose to follow Him.  Thus, through this restoration we are once again able to fulfill our divine purpose which is the only true source of joy and fulfillment.


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