The Value of a Good Book

Some Books

Image by Ben Oh via Flickr

I think that we can all agree that nobody holds a  monopoly on wisdom. 🙂  No, we are definitely finite beings when it comes to our thinking and reasoning abilities.  And, while some of us are wiser than others, even the brightest individuals of our time simply can’t claim to always be right.  We are in fact continual works in progress.  Therefore, it is important for us to continually put ourselves in a position of learning.  C.S. Lewis said, “The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”  I like that!  If we are to grow as individuals we must be willing to learn from others.   We need to be willing to get outside the box of our own thoughts, opinions, and experiences in order to gain new perspectives.

It is for this reason that I argue for the value of a good book.  Books provide an excellent opportunity to learn from people that live, or have lived in many cases, in times and places different from our own.  This not only gives us new perspectives, it gives us an opportunity to learn from those we would otherwise never have an opportunity to meet.  In fact,  it gives us the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds of history.  Consider the words of Haddon Robinson “If you have a book in your hand, you are never alone, and reading enables you to have continued education without having to pay tuition.”  Books can help us grow intellectually.  Books can even help us to grow spiritually, so grab a good book and dig in.  A really good book can grow you in a ways that you never expected.


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