Water Into Wine

Copper goblet

“Water Into Wine” is a poem that is creatively based on a reflection of John 2:1-12.  I emphasize creatively for while I have anchored the basis of the poem in the text, I have definitely used my imagination to further flesh out the story.  The poem is told from the perspective of the groom and supposes that he was divinely enlightened to the meaning of the miracle on the day of the crucifixion.  Inspiration for the poem came from a poem written by John Piper based on John 2 and 3.  Thus, while my poem is quite different from his, it was his poem that took me to the passage for reflection.

What a wonderful evening it was that my bride and I were wed
After the ceremony I made sure the guests were all fed
Yet after the meal they continued to drink
And to our horror all our planning did not once lead us to think
That the drink would run out before the evening was through
But that’s exactly what happened and we definitely knew
That the guests would most certainly leave prematurely
And that’s when it happened an absolute miracle you see
This mysterious man that I barely even knew
So quietly told the servants he knew exactly what to do
Per his instruction they filled some vases with water
Then the water turned to wine without anyone the wiser
To the miracle that had been performed by this unassuming man
I was incredibly grateful but I just couldn’t understand
Why he told me of this miracle don’t pay testimony
The master of the house even marveled at the wines superiority
My heart was filled with joy in my short time with this man
But I still must confess that I just couldn’t understand
Why he performed this miracle for someone like me
And the confusion grew when his companions told him we’re beginning to see
Now three years have passed and I’m reflecting on that day
As I’m watching in horror that on a cross the man hangs
But as I reflect on that day I’m beginning to understand why
The man performed the miracle it had nothing to do with wine
The wine was merely a representation
Of the greatness of God’s ultimate revelation
The revelation was so great because it was of his Christ
Though we looked for him we never understood he would pay the ultimate price
God chose Israel as his people so many years ago
Then he gave us his law, it didn’t make us right with God though
Ultimate righteousness could not be found in the law
You see we couldn’t fulfill it because of the fall
The law was the wine that ultimately ran out
Christ was the wine that made the master shout
The water is our faith but it needs an act of the Father
Without an act of God the wine would still be water
Thus it is through this man Jesus that God has provided a way
By offering the ultimate sacrifice on the cross today.
I understand now that he is truly the Son
Of the one who is the creator of everyone.
For our sin it was God that payed the ultimate price
By sending His Son to give up his life.

~Matthew Wynne~


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