Ode to My King

Creation: DMK iPhone

Image by loswl via Flickr

Alpha & Omega,
Beginning & the End.  The
Creator of heaven and the earth,
Died for atonement of sin.

Everlasting –
Greater than anything!
Helper to the helpless.
Infinite –
Joyfulness He brings!

King of Kings –
Lord of Lords,
Majestic and almighty!
Never ending is His reign, and
Omnipotent is He!

Provider of salvation, He
Quickens the heart to receive.
Righteousness belongs to Him.  He’s
Salvation for those who believe.

Treating with grace and mercy.
Unlimited love He shows.
Vanquishing the rule of an enemy, who is
Warring for our souls.  Thus a

Xanadu like state awaits the ones who
Yearn for Him in their heart.  Tis’ a state of
Zealousness for His fame, rejoicing that of His Kingdom they’re part.

~Matthew Wynne~


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