Prime Mover


Image by Sweetie187 via Flickr

A thunderous clap breaks an eternal silence,
As light bursts forth from the dark!
The light expands and separates,
Forming billions and billions of stars.
Matter coming together,
Solid, liquid, gas.
‘Tis God’s voice that set this in motion,
His words the critical mass.
Molding matter into planets,
His hand puts each one in its place.
And one particular planet,
He positioned with just the right space,
From the star around which it circles,
A distance conducive to life.
For the plants and animals he created,
And the distance allows life to run rife.
Man he lastly created,
For fellowship with him to know.
But Satan tried to thwart this,
Introducing pridefulness to the man’s soul.
Yet, this Prime Mover’s plans can’t be ruined,
He sent to the world a new man.
The man’s name is Jesus,
He is redemption of the plan.
And it is because of Jesus that I here now,
Stand in wonder of all he has done.
Pondering the amazing greatness of the,
Father, Spirit, and Son.

~Matthew Wynne~


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