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I’ve been thinking a lot about divisions lately and it doesn’t take a very deep look into society to see that we have found a million and one different ways to classify and divide ourselves from those around us.  Race, gender, socioeconomic status, neighborhoods, professions, hobbies are all used to put ourselves into subgroups and to keep those that don’t fit out.  Especially upsetting though is that even within the church we spend large amounts of time and energy walling ourselves off from other believers.  Traditions, styles of music, and sadly even race are all used to put up these boundaries, when the fact of the matter is the only division that truly matters is that which determines whether or not we are citizens of God’s Kingdom.  After all as Christians we are called to fellowship in Christ and there is no division in Jesus.  Furthermore, if we are citizens of the Kingdom should it not be our desire to to help those that aren’t citizens to find admittance to this life with our King.  Again, the only thing that really matters in life is that we find reunion, fellowship, and a delight in God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus that we can’t help but share.  My prayer is that we keep our eyes focused on Him and His glory and not on ourselves and our petty differences.  My prayer is that we could become more Kingdom minded and less self absorbed.


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