The Magi

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Behold, behold, I see a star,
And even though it’s very far,
This specific star I’ve never seen.
I simply must find out what it means.
I’ve studied near and I’ve studied far,
So in one of my books I’m sure the secrets are,
To be found that unlock this mystery.
I’ll have to search very carefully.

I’ve studied so much, my family thinks it not best,
For on a star to be so obsessed.
Yet, I tell them stars don’t just appear in the sky,
And I consider it my divine appointment to find out why,
This star has miraculously appeared in the west.
The west that’s it, maybe these books would be best.
A ha!  Here it is, in the Hebrew writings.
Their prophets wrote of one they hoped to be finding.
A Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting God, Prince of Peace
This is a man I just have to meet.

I’ve assembled my colleagues to join me on my quest,
But we can’t go empty handed what presents would be best,
To give to a man so magnificent, he must be a king?
Gold, frankincense, and myrrh are the best of our things.

We’ve been traveling now for many a night.
We’ve traveled at night to follow the star that shines so bright.
The star seems to be resting over a town called Bethlehem. It’s so small!
It’s size makes me wonder if my calculations were right at all.
Surely a man so great wouldn’t be found in a town like Bethlehem.
Still, we’ll ask King Herod where it is that we might find him,
That is to reign over the Hebrew people.
A man like Herod will know where to find someone so powerful.

Surprisingly, of such a man Herod did not know.
His advisers seemed to think we were on the right track though.
Then Herod sent us off, and bid us “Go in peace!
And if you find him please return that you might also tell me,
Where he is so I may worship him as well.”
Yet of this encounter, I sense his true feelings he did not tell.
So we’re off, continuing to search for the special one.
I’m so excited, it simply makes me want to run,
Like I did when I when I was a boy so few in years.
It’s an excitement so great I’ve forgotten all of my fears!

At last we arrived at the house where he was to be found.
A man let us in and we fell down to the ground,
Worshiping the man in humility.
Then his wife entered the room inquiring about our identity.
I rose to my feet and said, “We’ve come to worship this King”.
But strangely neither the man nor his wife said anything.
Then it happened, a child walked in through the door.
And the woman said softly, “I believe he’s the one you’re looking for.”
In amazement my friends and I stared at the child.
His demeanor was so meek, so tender, so mild.
At the same time I could see that there was power in his eyes.
As we presented our gifts, his mother started to cry.
Then I whispered to her softly, “Your son was born to save humanity.
And it’s clear to me now, he’s the One I was born to see.”

~Matthew Wynne~


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