The Shepherd

Night Sky, Moon

Image by doortoriver via Flickr

Night is still
Nothing stirs
As on the side of a hill
My companions and I sit
Fire crackling
The conversation fades
Like the light of the setting sun
At the end of a day
Now I sit and stare
Mind wandering
As the sheep sleep
I set myself to pondering
Pondering life
As I sit on this hill
While nothing stirs
And the night is still

Council of Seven Holy Archangels. Russian icon.

Image via Wikipedia

Then with a flash
The darkness is gone
In fear I want to dash
No where to go
The light surrounds
A figure appears
A voice mighty in sound
“Do not fear!”
Says this radiant man,
“I bring good news!
A message that is grand!
For on this day,
A Savior is born!
Born as a babe,
He is Christ the Lord!
When you go you will see,
In a manger He’ll be found.”
All of a sudden
The most joyful of sounds
As thousands more brilliant figures
Join to sing praise
Singing a song
To the Ancient of Days

Adoration of the Shepherds

Image via Wikipedia

To Bethlehem let us go!
For how can we not!
Such a wonder we now know!
Arriving we find
It’s just as we were told
A babe in a manger
Merely a day old
We recall what we’ve seen
All are amazed
Now it’s our turn like the angels
To all sing His praise

~Matthew Wynne~


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