Reading Through the Bible

KJV BibleIt has become an annual tradition for me to choose a one year Bible format to read through each year.   This year I have chosen the chronological format found on the You Version Bible app.  You Version (labeled Life Church within smart phone markets) is an application that can be conveniently downloaded to any smart phone, putting the Bible right at your finger tips.  An added bonus is that it can be used on your home computer as well (  I use it on both.  In fact, I’ve almost reached the point of using electronic Bibles exclusively.  The only exception is that I still carry an actual Bible to church, I digress.  Since many of my posts will likely be inspired by the daily readings, I thought that some of you might be interested in reading through this particular format with me.  It could make for interesting dialogue throughout the year.  I also thought it might serve to keep me on track, as I’ve been known to get behind 🙂  Another cool thing about this particular app and format is that it allows you to choose which version you would like to use.  I will be using the English Standard Version, but definitely use which ever version you prefer.  Hope you’ll consider joining me.  Happy reading & happy new year too!

~Matthew Wynne~


2 responses to “Reading Through the Bible

  1. I love the Youversion app! I use it everyday at work to read while I’m on break (unless I have a bunch of homework to do). It’s by far the best Bible app in the appstore or market. I love the plans, for sure. I’m currently 265 days into the canonical plan using the NIV. I also still use it a physical Bible in church and when teaching Sunday School, and even actually prefer a physical Bible, but I also find myself using the app more than anything.

    • I have to admit, I like physical Bibles better too. In fact I feel that way about all books. There’s something about holding it in your hands and turning the pages 🙂 However, using an online version is just SO convenient. I especially like the way You Version allows you to parallel two versions on a computer. It also makes it easy to jump around between passages. I usually do all my studying on the computer and then teach with the physical Bible.

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