“Reckless Abandon”

A Papua New Guinean wearing traditional garb. ...

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Last week I published a post in which I listed my five favorite books of 2011.  Now, after finishing my latest book, I would definitely have to add a sixth.  “Reckless Abandon” by David Sitton was the incredibly riveting  story of Sitton’s life as a missionary in Papua New Guinea.  However, to simply label this book as an autobiography would be to sell it short, for it is much more than that.  It is a look at Christianity form a global perspective.  It is a call to a life lived radically for Christ. It is a call to reach those for whom Jesus has not yet been named.  It is a story of God’s sovereignty.  It is a proclamation by Sitton that the Gospel is worth any and every risk that could possibly be involved in its delivery.  I could say more, but I don’t want to spoil it.  I will simply leave you with an excerpt from the introduction that let me know from the very start that I was in for a intense ride:

“If it is admirable for our military men to die on foreign soil for American freedom and laudable for firemen to risk their lives for citizens in peril, why are missionaries dubbed as irresponsible fools when they choose to remain in perilous situations with their families, ‘risking their necks’ for their friends and the gospel of Christ? …………  If we, as gospel ambassadors, are unwilling to suffer even as much as soldiers and firemen, could the reason be that we don’t treasure Christ enough or value the gospel enough to sacrifice significantly for its advancement into unreached regions?  Is Jesus simply not worth the risk to many of us?  Where is the line over which it is no longer worth it to go with the gospel?”


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