The Supremacy of Christ

Ok, so having a running time of nearly 19 minutes, I would normally think this clip was a bit long for a blog post.  However, having been captivated by the power of his words I  just couldn’t resist posting it.  In the sermon Piper describes the supremacy of Christ in a way that feels like poetry.  It is absolutely riveting!  I really hope you’ll check it out.  It’s DEFINITELY worth the time.

4 responses to “The Supremacy of Christ

  1. I love this line:
    “We must know this is what we were made for! Press on to know the Lord! We are made to know Christ! We’re not made to do little diddly things! We’re made to know this massive Christ! This world, this little two second slice, and then with Him or not forever, is what we are created to know and do and be about. And, when we know Him in those ways we’ve begun to know the outskirts of His supremacy.”

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