Versatile Blogger Award

WOW!  Thank you so much to Kate Kreese from Believe Anyway for honoring me with such an award!  It is incredibly humbling to be recognized in such a manner, especially after a relatively short time blogging.  However, as I said when I received the Candle Lighter Award, any value that is found in this blog is due entirely to the incredible grace of Jesus.  It is for His glory that I write.

Now, in compliance with the rules of this particular award I have listed 7 things about myself below 🙂

  1. I am married to my high school sweetheart.
  2. I am a proud dad of two.
  3. I am a book fanatic.
  4. My favorite books are those that are theological in nature.
  5. I am a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals
  6. I enjoy participating in endurance events (i.e. half marathons & triathlons).
  7. I like jazz.

It is also expected in receiving the VBA to list 15 bloggers also deserving of such a recognition.  However, as I have not been blogging for a great length of time I have listed 7 blogs that I find myself gravitating back to the most consistently.  While there are many more wonderful blogs out there, these are the ones with which I am most familiar.  If yours is one of the blogs I have listed you can check out the details of the VBA here.


~Matthew Wynne~

8 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for reading my blog – goodtips4u. I enjoyed reading your many articles. You have the ability to speak to your readers in a ” Lucado” type way. I hope to be able to post more often in the coming weeks.

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