The Current

Français : La rivière Ardèche. Deutsch: Die ro...

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If Jesus is a mighty river
Flowing to the sea of our Heavenly Father.
It will do us no good
To merely wade at the edge of the water.
Splashing around merrily,
Never venturing to a depth above the knee.
For playing at the river’s edge
Won’t take us to that majestic sea.
No, to reach the sea
Requires submission to the river’s current.
A current that flows
Towards the sea in a manner so fervent.
Yet, submitting to such a current
Requires travel by boat.
Thus, it is through the Holy Spirit,
That in the river we find the means to float.

~ A Poem by Matthew Wynne ~


5 responses to “The Current

  1. AMEN! Love this!! God has been telling me to let go of that last little bit of control and jump headlong into the river, letting the current of His love carry my along. God bless you! Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus and your creative gift with us 🙂

    • Thanks so much for such an encouraging comment. I’m always thankful every time God graciously speaks through my humble attempts to put together words.

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