With strong arms He reaches out across the depths of space and time
All creation is to Him as to the poet is the rhyme
Handling every molecule, He assigns each one a place
Yet retched human beings that we are, in treason we turn our face
Turning our face from the perfect ways ordained by the Lord above
Turning instead to a way of life that shows it’s only our self that we love
A way of life that denies the rule of GOD the Heavenly King
A way of life that says that all should merely seek to do their own thing
A way of life that’s deserving of death because it’s “cosmic treason”
Yes treason it is and that is why it is the ultimate reason
That the death and resurrection of the SON is truly “amazing grace”
For through the SON forgiveness is given to those that have turned their face

~Matthew Wynne~

*  “Sin is cosmic treason” – R.C. Sproul
*  “Amazing Grace” – John Newton


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