Finding Eternity

Ok, so being a “word nerd” today’s prompt from was simply impossible to pass up. 🙂

Grasping at eternity,
we find it to be elusive.
For our dunderheaded egos
make us antipathetic & obtrusive
to the presence of the King,
in His nonpareil splendor.
Yes dunderheads we are,
with rodomontade behavior,
thinking only of ourselves,
we abscond with the honor
due solely our Heavenly Father,
the Creator of Heaven and earth.
Yet a miraculous path to eternity,
He provided through a birth,
the birth of His Son Jesus,
through Him we find worth,
worth not earned, but bestowed.
thus truly an act of grace,
a gracious act of love
for in Jesus we see God’s face.

~Matthew Wynne~


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