Sinking My Anchor

Life is a raging sea,
waves rolling and crashing,
on the side of this vessel,
violently smashing.
Currents fighting to pull,
to pull in their direction,
a direction I need not go.
I need protection.
So I sink my anchor,
sinking it deep.
Sinking it deep into Jesus,
for my soul He will keep,
safe from the violent waves,
waves rolling and crashing.
He’ll keep my soul,
as those waves keep smashing.
Protecting me from the currents.
Through Him I resist their direction.
In Him I find rest.
He is my protection.

~Matthew Wynne~

One response to “Sinking My Anchor

  1. Thanks for writing and posting this, Matt! I’m about to go on a short writing/sailing retreat, leaving tomorrow. I think your poem appeared in my inbox, at just the right time, with a very good reminder. Thanks again!

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