Words on a Page

A Finale to National Poetry Writing Month

Striving to put words on a page
the Bible has stood as my sage
as I’ve tied myself to it’s authority
only desiring to make much of the Trinity
that Holy communal three-in-one
Father, Spirit, and the Son.
Writing because of what they’ve achieved.
Since through their communal efforts redemption I’ve received.

~Matthew Wynne~


A Resplendent Spectrum

As rays of light rain down on us,
emitted by the Son.
They penetrate our souls,
and in out hearts refract.
Creating a resplendent spectrum,
that bears glory to the One.
The One who initiated,
the first creative act.

~Matthew Wynne~

Fundamental Madness

Fundamental madness,
is the root of the human condition.
As we constantly deny,
our Creator His rightful position.
Yet, Jesus is the tonic,
that cures this mental state that ails us.
Replacing faulty hearts,
With new ones as the Holy Spirit fills us.
If only we will place our gaze,
On the bright & blazing Son.
And put our hope in the work,
that by grace He has done.

~Matthew Wynne~


Words flow over the lips
spilling over with force
like water cascading over a fall
then racing quickly like a horse
across the plains
and through the forests
So it is that I earnestly pray
I pray that my words might find their source
in that fount’ of life the Holy Spirit
For with His words no matter the course
they might point those that receive them back to Him

~Matthew Wynne~