Fundamental Madness

Fundamental madness,
is the root of the human condition.
As we constantly deny,
our Creator His rightful position.
Yet, Jesus is the tonic,
that cures this mental state that ails us.
Replacing faulty hearts,
With new ones as the Holy Spirit fills us.
If only we will place our gaze,
On the bright & blazing Son.
And put our hope in the work,
that by grace He has done.

~Matthew Wynne~



Dwelling in state of majesty,
He relinquished all for humanity.
Descending to the earth,
humbly submitting to human birth.
Living among those who had forsaken,
the Father of all creation.
Then taking up the cross,
He redeemed what we had lost.
Thus through this awesome act of grace,
we can once more seek His Father’s face.

~Matthew Wynne~

Finding Eternity

Ok, so being a “word nerd” today’s prompt from was simply impossible to pass up. 🙂

Grasping at eternity,
we find it to be elusive.
For our dunderheaded egos
make us antipathetic & obtrusive
to the presence of the King,
in His nonpareil splendor.
Yes dunderheads we are,
with rodomontade behavior,
thinking only of ourselves,
we abscond with the honor
due solely our Heavenly Father,
the Creator of Heaven and earth.
Yet a miraculous path to eternity,
He provided through a birth,
the birth of His Son Jesus,
through Him we find worth,
worth not earned, but bestowed.
thus truly an act of grace,
a gracious act of love
for in Jesus we see God’s face.

~Matthew Wynne~

Gaze at the Son

Are you thankful for grace?
Have you called on His name?
Has He filled you with a love,
that overflows for His fame?
If you have not,
I bid you gaze at the Son
Pondering all the wonders He’s done.
Meditating on stories the Bible’s told
about how He’s worked in lives of the saints of old.
For if you gaze at the Son He will ransom your life
Ransoming your life from the prince of strife.

~Matthew Wynne~