In a gracious act of the Father,
the Holy Spirit like rain descends.
He descends upon His for-known child,
yet the flesh He greatly offends.
Thus war ensues within this one,
over which should maintain control.
A war between Spirit and flesh rages on
waring fiercely for the man’s soul.
But the Spirit prevails against the flesh,
for He ever fulfills the plans.
The plans set forth by the Heavenly King
which include redemption of this man.

~Matthew Wynne~

Born Again

Unending thanks is due the Father above,
for the grace which He has given
in sending His Spirit that Holy Dove
to call us to redemption.
Yes, He calls us to a holy love,
by fixing our eyes on heaven.
Overcoming the flesh that causes strife,
against this Spirit who bears new life.

For when first we are born
we are born to sin.
And, in this state we deserve God’s scorn.
Yet through the Spirit, we are born again,
transformed to a life that has new form.
A life that seeks to solely please Him,
with eyes fixed on eternity,
an eternity spent in His majesty.

~Matthew Wynne~


With strong arms He reaches out across the depths of space and time
All creation is to Him as to the poet is the rhyme
Handling every molecule, He assigns each one a place
Yet retched human beings that we are, in treason we turn our face
Turning our face from the perfect ways ordained by the Lord above
Turning instead to a way of life that shows it’s only our self that we love
A way of life that denies the rule of GOD the Heavenly King
A way of life that says that all should merely seek to do their own thing
A way of life that’s deserving of death because it’s “cosmic treason”
Yes treason it is and that is why it is the ultimate reason
That the death and resurrection of the SON is truly “amazing grace”
For through the SON forgiveness is given to those that have turned their face

~Matthew Wynne~

*  “Sin is cosmic treason” – R.C. Sproul
*  “Amazing Grace” – John Newton