Words on a Page

A Finale to National Poetry Writing Month

Striving to put words on a page
the Bible has stood as my sage
as I’ve tied myself to it’s authority
only desiring to make much of the Trinity
that Holy communal three-in-one
Father, Spirit, and the Son.
Writing because of what they’ve achieved.
Since through their communal efforts redemption I’ve received.

~Matthew Wynne~


The Current

Français : La rivière Ardèche. Deutsch: Die ro...

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If Jesus is a mighty river
Flowing to the sea of our Heavenly Father.
It will do us no good
To merely wade at the edge of the water.
Splashing around merrily,
Never venturing to a depth above the knee.
For playing at the river’s edge
Won’t take us to that majestic sea.
No, to reach the sea
Requires submission to the river’s current.
A current that flows
Towards the sea in a manner so fervent.
Yet, submitting to such a current
Requires travel by boat.
Thus, it is through the Holy Spirit,
That in the river we find the means to float.

~ A Poem by Matthew Wynne ~

Joy Overflowing

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A joy of immense proportion
Between God in His triune form
Welled up and overflowed
Into the dawn of the day creation was born
A creation expressing the glory
Of it’s Architect, the Lord Almighty
Then He created man as a conduit
To receive this joy shared by the Trinity
For the expression of joy is made complete
When the expression has been received
But Satan tried to thwart God’s plans
When Adam and Eve he deceived
Yet, like a nuclear reaction out of control
God’s joy it burns too hot
For the likes of Satan or his minions
To call it’s expansion to a stop
For God out of love sent His Son
To be a sacrifice
Who bore our sins upon the cross
And paid the ultimate price
For the sin that served to break
The bond of fellowship with our Creator
So I implore you, submit your life to the Son
That you may find yourself in His joyous favor

~A Poem by Matthew Wynne~

The Baptism of Jesus

English: Baptism of Jesus Christ

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The clouds break open
Giving way to a brilliant ray of light
As the crowd stands in silent wonder
They witness a single dove in flight
The dove now descending from heaven
Lighting upon the head of the Son
Then a thunderous voice breaks the silence
Commanding the attention of everyone
The voice is the voice of the Father
Commending this obedient act by His Son
For this act was performed with the attitude
That the will of His Father be done
I must warn now that you not be blinded
That is, don’t be aesthetically deceived
For the story’s supreme value lies not in its wonder
If you dig there’s much more to receive
We know that the dove that lit upon Jesus
Was peace from the Father above
A peace sent via the Spirit
A manifestation of the Father’s love
So it was peace that lit upon Jesus
A Son with whom His Father was pleased.
Words that remarkably echo the angels song
That blessed night of the Nativity
For they sang “Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased!”
Thus, with this baptism there’s fulfillment
Of their songs incredible prophesy.
For it is only a life found within Jesus
That peace with God is achieved
So I sing, “Glory to God in the highest
Twas’ only by Jesus that salvation I received!”

~A Poem by Matthew Wynne~